Mapping Spaces for Making

Welcome to the Mapping Spaces for Making book :)

The present online book is an attempt to collect, map, visualize and publish observations and findings about spaces for making in China. It was started in March 2018 in the cities of Shanghai and Shenzhen.

Read & comment this online book

You can read everything online at

You can comment and discuss what is written here directly by clicking on a paragraph.

Write and contribute to this book

We are looking for original contributions regarding your own experience with making. Check the TODO list to find some inspiration about what you can contribute. You can also read more about writing in the How to Write section.

Join the conversation

You can join the conversation on WeChat by using the QR Code below. Feel free to invite your friends and whoever may be interested in the topic here.

All contents on this website are in the public domain. We use a fully web-to-print workflow so you can easily convert the website into a PDF and print it as a book. Check the Design & Publish section for more information about the whole publishing process.

Start with the TODO list to see examples of possible contributions or head to the How to Write section to start right now!

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