When an engineer and two artists decide to change the world.
Sébastien Thomas (Areva engineer), Marianne Daquet (founder and director of Atelier Art School) and Adeline Parrot (director of studies and operations at Atelier Art School) decide to combine their know-how to create the first International FabLab in Beijing in order to create a hub of education and technological experimentation unique in China.


The space

Atelier Fablab has a space of 100m2 located in Beijing Chaoyang district. The setting up is divided in two separate rooms:
A big principal room of around 50m2 dedicated to the workshops and courses. A second room with producing machine tools, computers and common work space.

This collaborative space is designed to facilitate exchanges and make possible the creation of projects or meetings. The space is friendly, open, bright. The Ecological footprint is reduced to a minimum in accordance with environmental responsibility which is one the core value of Atelier FabLab. The design of the Fablab will be in continuity with the learning spaces created by Atelier Art School.

Atelier Art School, the Creative Experience

Founded 2012, Atelier Art School has launched the first high quality artistic out-of-school art classes in Beijing. Since then, it has developed into a comprehensive educational project, operating two branches in Beijing.

Marianne Daquet, Atelier’s director and founder has created a unique pedagogy based on her experiences as an art student and art teacher for more than 20 years in France and in Beijing. She profoundly believes that creativity can change life and dedicated her life to passing on her belief that art education can make the difference.
This experience is about Creativity, Education, Confidence, Ambition and Pleasure.

Atelier’s core values, the values that make us love our job and strive to give the best of our experience and knowledge.

By pooling, the workspace, the educational experience of Atelier’s team, and the en-gineering experience of Sébastien, Atelier opens up a new branch, extends its offer to create a unique educational product in Beijing mixing creativity and technology.

What is Atelier Fablab

  • Atelier Fablab is a working space equipped with machines, electronic material, and tools.
  • Atelier Fablab mission is to share and mutualize knowledge and tools to enable experimentation, creation and innovation
  • Atelier FabLab has 3 missions for different types of public :


Public: Children, teenagers, students and adults


  • Workshops
  • Holiday camps
  • Regular courses

Objectives: Become familiar and learn how to master the tools for technological innovation.


Public: Entrepreneurs, engineers, designers, architects, artists


  • Renting: machines / the working space
  • Training on the machines
  • Expertise and service to support creators

Objectives: Allow people working on a project to have tools, machines and space


Public: Non professionals, handymen, keen do-it-yourselfer, makers


  • Workshops and courses
  • Projects follow-up
  • Time slots of “Open Fab”

Objectives: For the makers who need a space and tools which match their creative ambitions


Computer controlled machines exist since many years and they are mainly accessible for professional usage.
FabLab is equipped with open source numerical controlled machines. The machines shown in the table below are recommended by MIT for the equipment of a FabLab.
This series of machines constitute the equipment of every registered FabLab, therefore any user can go to any FabLab in the world and find the same machines and tools. An object made within Atelier FabLab can be reproduced in any other FabLab in the world (and vice versa).

What is Open Fab?

We, Atelier Fablab’s team think that public access to our Fab Lab is essential:
a Fab Lab is about democratizing access to the tools to facilitate personal expression and invention. So, Atelier Fablab will be opened to the public during defined timeslots.

Makers should come along with ideas (upgrade of toys, product development…) and they will be able to use the space, tools, and machines to work on their project.

An assistant will be here to give advices or help with the machines but this is not a class, the makers should be able to work on their project independently.


First journey in Asia in 1999, Sébastien was absorbed by his fascination for China and his passion of new inventions.

A great enthusiast of new technology, he decides to settle down at Beijing with his wife and two children in 2015. For ten years, he has been working within a big international Engineering company, from numerical simulation to engineering team leader. He decided to launch l’Atelier FabLab of Beijing in 2016 together with Atelier Art school.

After graduating from two French Fine Art Schools, Marianne Daquet, became a young and promising artist, she took part in several exhibitions (Fondation Cartier, Palais de Tokyo, FIAC) and began to teach art in different schools located in disadvantaged neighborhoods to kids from primary to high school.

After meeting a French man who had already been in Beijing for several years, she joined him in 2006, and while she found a new inspiration in her drawing, she developed a small art school in her own studio in the hutong. After the birth of her two daughter, she began to experience this strong feeling that she would stay in Beijing for a while. The project that she matured for years was ready to get launched: she opened Atelier Art School in September 2012. Since then Atelier has grown in a comprehensive art educational project that she leads this with passion, a curious and open mind and creativity!

Passing on her passion for Art studies has become her life’s purpose.

Address & contact

Address :
Room 502,Unit 1,Buliding 8A, Julong Garden, No.68, Xinzhong Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing

Phones :
+86 10 64 16 16 14
+86 132 4018 4908

Email :

Website :

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