We use a fully web-to-print workflow. That means we write online first before turning the website into a printed book.

Export the pages as PDF

To export to PDF, use the following command :

gitbook pdf

Styling : PDF is styled using CSS (with Sass). The files are located in the /styles/pdf/ folder.

Please refer to the of the main rep.

Add some custom PDF pages

You can use your favorite software to create PDF pages that can be included inside the final printed version.

  • size : a5
  • font : Hevlvetica Neue
  • margin : "top" : 30, "bottom" : 30, "right" : 24, "left" : 24

Make the cover

Use a PCB print for the cover

Read The Story Behind the Cover for The Essential Guide to Electronics in Shenzhen by Bunnie Huang for some background

Bind the book together

Use Traditional Chinese bookbinding technics

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