Describe your own local space

  • How is your local makerspace?
  • What does it look like?
  • How many members? Who are they?
  • Do you have recent or older data, pictures or existing maps of the space ?
  • Any documentation of projects happening inside the spaces ?
  • Who are your closest partners?
  • What is special about your city? How does your space fit into that?
  • ...

Just create a page in the Spaces section named after your space and start writing about it.

Share your own project or experience

You have a project you did in a makerspace and would like to share it? You have some experience you would like to be remembered?

Just create a page in the Projects section and describe what it is, how it works, how you did it and why being in the space helped you.

Iconography and maker visual culture

We are looking for original or existing visual pieces and artefacts that talks about making in China.

You can upload all graphics using Gitbook or share it in an online folder. Check the the How to Write section for more info.


Help to draw the network of actors

We are trying to understand the network of actors surrounding fabrication and making in China : people, brands, companies, governement offices, websites, institutions, etc.

We use Graph Commons to draw a map of the actors.

Visualize Xinchejian's changes through its wiki

There is many tools and different ways to visualize activities on a wiki. As Xinchejian has been an important organization, it will be interesting to try to understand this experience based on the wiki.

Xinchejian's wiki use Wikimedia. Some approaches for analyses are described in this notebook. You can also check some interactive map of the edits.

Create an interactive map of spaces in your city

We have started an interactive Map for Makers for Shenzhen project with Lab0x0. It is currently lacking proper data.

For now, one simple thing will be to convert this data sheet about spaces into a proper GEOJson format and just add it to the map.

There is also a bunch of open issues on Github.


Identify new data sources

One of the biggest challenges we are facing in this project is to identify interesting data sources regarding spaces for making in China (media, websites, companies, government, research institutes, maps, etc)

We are looking for interesting texts, videos, datasets and articles related to public policies about making in China.

Please check the list of data sources and feel free to add any missing source you can think of.

Create NetworkX maps of Chinese cities and place spaces on the map

Use the awesome OSMnx to generate network maps from existing OSM mapping . Here is some Python code that can be used to create a network map of difference cities in China.

Several problems persist :

  • OSM data is not very accurate. Does similar approaches with Baidu exists ?
  • How to point existing places in the network ? Will be interesting to understand the paths and directions between different spaces.

Recollect past events using structured data

Changes happened very fast in China. There is a lot of information about specific spaces all over the Internet and in the mind of people. The idea here is to provide a data structure that will help to recollect all the past events and give some perspective about their unfolding.

A data model based on events has been defined on Airtable. You can start to edit following this invite link

For some sources of data to aggregate, please check references


The web and print layouts badly needs some love, mostly using CSS and some graphic design genius. Check the Design & Publish section for more information about the whole publishing process.

Write about the project and invite your friends

If you are a blogger, journalist or someone who likes this project, feel free to share it with your friends.


Any effort regarding translation is very welcome and instrumental for the success of this project. Currently, the most important is to translate the How to Write in Chinese.

Improve project workflow, website and infrastructure

If you want to help us by solving actual code problems and solutions regarding the workflow, please check the open issues on Github.

Organize a workshop in your city

You can organize your own writing workshop in your city. Get together with your friends, write about your own experience, etc.

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